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I love how we can work things out. Ever since then I want to say our relationship has gotten stronger and we have gotten closer. I know that I love you more since then. But today was our last day of really getting to talk as much as we have. You can work towards our future as will I but I’m worried. I don’t want to lose you. But this picture is to remember and mark today. Here’s to hoping we’ll only grow stronger and closer and that time will fly.

It takes strength to put on a brave front instead of confiding in others. It takes strength to walk forward and move on to the point where you need to learn forgiveness. It takes even more strength, more than ever before, to actually forgive. If you can perform these steps and actually feel a peace of heart and happiness, then you are stronger than most men.

The Moon Shadow Phantom

It came as a shock but my cousin and his wife are divorcing. She screwed him over and is breaking his heart. It has been long planned. He said he will never remarry. What I believe is we are meant to be with one person. When all seems lost just remember that one fact. It will be hard and I understand it sucks being patient but if love, true love, is what you want it’s what’s best. Those who have found their one person call tell you the same thing. It’ll be worth it if you remember and abide by these words. - The Moon Shadow Phantom

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